5 Photo Editing Apps Trending in 2018

Smartphones have evolved so much in past few years with new camera features and advancements. People are not only crazy to take pictures they also want to edit and share their perfect clicks on social media. With so much hype of smartphone photography, the editing apps for photography are also evolving year by year. If you are a photography lover and like to edit your photographs, we have compiled 5 best photo editing apps for you right on this page.

1. Snapseed

Snapseed is the first one that we have in our list. It’s absolutely free and incorporates so many filters and features to edit your picture with premium quality. There is this unique feature in this app which is its specialty. This feature provides you a customized control over each filter or tool that you choose to make edits to your photos. Isn’t that great?

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is the most trending photo editing app for this year. With the help of this app you can not only adjust exposure or contrast levels, you can eliminate any kind of spots; add different framers, borders and text to your pictures as well. You have various filters available in this app and also some unique impacts like nature and portraits. Adobe is one of the oldest editing app providers. This is one of the most trusted apps for photo editing if you want to transform your images.

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3. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

When we talk about the interface of photo editing apps, this one is extra ordinary as it’s completely mess free and easy to use. No errors would occur whether you use its desktop, online or mobile version. Enjoy this app various amazing filters and diverse tools on your pc’s big screen. An adobe application makes it easy to edit photos offline on your laptop. This works greatly for photographers who edit images in bulk.

4. Pixlr

Pixlr has growing followers from last 2 years and this year it’s definitely one of the photo editing apps that people can’t rid of. Why? Well, it offers such an organized set of photo editing, collage making, stickers, frames, filters and tools like no other application. The filters and overlays are amazing and you can adjust the intensity of all the edits you make. You can post your edited images directly on social media through pixlr. This app is available online on pcs as well as on mobile phones.

5. Airbrush

Last one on the list is Airbrush. It is a very user friendly app. It contains all the basic and premium features for photo editing. You can eliminate spots, brighten your eyes, narrow your nose, make your face and body slim, broaden your smile and add vibrant filters. This app can also post images directly on social media.

These photo editing apps are trending and making millions of dollars for their unique features. Try one or all of them and you will be able to enhance your pictures in no time.

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Stephanie Lewis is a writer and a new born photographer. She joined Photography Concentrate team in 2017 and since then she has been trying to pursue the best photography and editing practices. Besides photography, she loves having coffee, meeting new people and travelling to exotic places. Stephanie also spends her free time catching up with new technology trends.

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