About Us

Digital landscape has transformed in the ways unimaginable over the past decade or so. The evolution of the technology has been remarkable. Smartphones, internet, social media, and apps have become the inseparable aspects of our lives. There is no denying that technology has made our life simpler than it used to be. Remember those days when the snail mails were the only way to talk to our loved ones who lived far away from us? It would take days and sometimes even weeks to hear back from them. Truly, it’s hard to even believe that we once lived and survived in that era. There has been a revolution in the field of technology, which has swept across the world. It has not only made it possible to communicate instantly with anyone anywhere in the world, it has also simplified our lives in so many ways.

The ease and convenience of living can be, to a great extent, ascribed to the advancements in the smartphone technology. The handheld and mobile devices of today can do just about everything that your computer can. You can do bookkeeping, word processing, play games, make video calls, and so much more with your smartphones. It is hard to imagine life without them today. But, a smartphone (or for that matter any hardware) is of absolutely no worth without the right software, OS, or apps to use it with.

It is the apps that add value to our lives. Thankfully, we have lots of amazing apps out there and great smartphones that support these apps. It is easy to use the apps on the handheld smartphones or tablets. But, there are times juggling between your phone and computer could be difficult. For instance, you are working on your PC and at the same time you need to talk to your partner over the instant messaging application on the phone. You would wish you could use the instant messaging right on your PC so that you don’t have to lift your fingers from the keyboard.

This is where myapps4pc.com comes into picture. We understand that you wish all your smartphone apps are also available to you on your computer. We know that all the apps do not have the desktop or web version that can be used on the PC. This is the reason why we bring to you the solutions that enable you to use just about any mobile app on your PC. Whether it is an iOS app or Android app, we have the solution for you.

It is the apps that make any mobile device useful. Can you picture a high-end smartphone, such as iPhone, without any application? In fact, it is the apps that enhance the worth of any device. Just look at the number of apps we use these days. WhatsApp, Messenger, SHAREit, Facebook app, Twitter app, and Email apps are some of the most commonly used applications on our phones. Your smartphone would apparently not be as ‘smart’ without these incredible apps.

Our Team

We have a team of techno enthusiasts who works diligently to find the workarounds and solutions so that you can use any app you desire on your PC, laptop, or Mac Computer. We understand that many times it is easier to use the apps on the computer and thus we are dedicated to finding the right solutions every time.