10 Best ePUB Readers for Windows 10/8/7

Reading has been an important part of every society and culture for the ages unknown. But, there is no denying that the way we read our books has changed significantly over the last few years. This change has been brought about by the introduction of eBooks. The eBooks allow you to read your favourite books right from your mobile devices and computers. Whether or not digital reading is better than the physical, paper reading is a matter of intense debate, which we will leave for some other day. Today, we rally the top 10 ePub readers for Windows 10. Take a look!

List of Top 10 ePUB readers for Windows 10/8/7

1. Icecream eBook Reader

Over the last couple of years, Icecream eBook Reader has emerged as one of the most viable solutions to read eBooks. It is a very well designed eBook reader that makes your reading experience comfortable, convenient and interesting. It also lets you store and manage your epbub books. One of the best things we like about this reader is that it is very lightweight and does not affect the performance of the device. It barely takes 15MB space on your hard drive. Besideds ePub, it also supports a wide range of formats including PDF, Mobi, CBZ, and more. It offers a number of exciting features that make your reading a lot more fun. You can read in the full screen mode and bookmark multiple pages. There is a night mode to make sure you don’t stress your eyes out while reading at night. It is completely free of cost.

2. Nook

Nook is another incredible ebub reader for Windows platform. Earlier, it was supported only on Windows 8.1. However, now you can get it on Windows 10 as well. Unfortunately, it is not available on Windows 7 or older versions. This ePub reader is officially available on Microsoft Store. Nook is also available on some Android and iOS devices. The app has been designed by one of the biggest booksellers of the world known as Barnes & Noble. With Nook, not only can you read the eBooks in the form of ePub but you can also read the PDF files. It also has a built in book store from where you can get access to various books, magazines, comics, newspapers, and more. While some items are free, the others are paid. However, Nook app itself is completely free to download and use. It has an awesome interface that makes the reading experience even more amazing.

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3. Sumatra

If you are looking for a simple looking, minimal ebook reader for pc with no fuss at all, Sumatra is the one that you would like to get. What we really like about Sumatra is that unlike many others on this list, it is available on Windows 7 and older versions as well. Of course it is also available on Windows 8 and Windows 10. Sumatra features a very simple interface where all the necessary buttons and navigation elements are laid out in a neat and uncluttered manner. It focuses on the primary task of ensuring you have a great reading experience. It also supports a large number of formats including ePub, PDF, XPS, CBR, Mobi and more. Sumatra has a portable version too, which does not require any installation. It is totally free of cost.

4. Cover

When Cover reader was designed, the primary focus was on comic book reading. However, you can see that it works equally well as a regular ePub reader. Just like several others on this list, it supports various eBook formats including mobi, ePub and PDF. And if you happen to be someone who loves to read comic books, Cover is just one incredible tool for you. There are many features that have been optimized for comic book reading. It is available on PC as well as Windows touch devices. Since it is a comic books dedicated app, you must have already guessed it offers extensive support to image-based eBooks too including jpeg, BMP, PNG, GIF etc. Cover is available on various Windows platforms. It is free of cost.

5. FBReader

FBReader is well known as a free eBook reader for mobile devices including Android and Windows platforms. However, the developers have also issued a PC version of the application as well. We like FBReader as it offers completely hassle-free reading. The user interface of the app is simple looking and minimal with very few buttons and other elements on the screen. This is because the primary focus on FBReader is to provide excellent reading experience more than anything else. The minimal design makes sure you could read completely distraction free. We recommend this free ePub reader to most types of readers. Besides ePub, it supports various other formats such as Mobi, FB2, RTF, PDF, HTML and more. It is available on several versions of Windows including the old and new ones.

6. Calibre

While the other ePub readers we have on this list are mostly just the readers and do not offer much of organizational or management functions. Calibre, on the other hand, is different. If you are looking for an eBook reader that is not only perfect for reading but also lets you perfectly manage your eBooks, Calibre should be your pick. Those who read a lot of eBooks would find this tool really handy. And, the best thing about it is that in spite of being feature rich, it is totally free of cost. But, being rich on feature does not make Calibre a complicated or fussy application. In fact, it manages to keep the user interface minimal and yet integrates all the features. It is a simple to use eBook tool that is perfect even for beginners. It is available on almost all the Windows platforms currently in use.

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7. ePubReader

So far, we have come across only the free eBook/ePub readers. EpubReader, on the other hand, is a paid application and is available on Windows 8 and Windows 10. EpubReader is available for one time purchase of $2.49. There is no denying that this tool is better than most other free tools we have on this list. Besides being a reader, it also helps you manage your eBooks and library quite effectively. It also offers incredible reading experience through several in-book personalizations.  It has a very nice looking interface with neatly laid out elements. It is easy to use and even beginners will have no difficulty getting started. ePubReader justifies its price in every way.

8. Cool Reader

If you love all things that are open-source and you enjoy reading eBooks, then we are confident you will love Cool Reader as well. Well, as the name suggests, Cool Reader is indeed a cool reader in so many ways. First of all, it is totally free of cost (as you would have expected being an open-source application). All you need to do is download or buy the eBook you wish to read and get started. It also packs a variety of standard and advanced features. And of course, it supports several eBook formats such as ePub, txt, PDF, mobi, rtf, and many more.  It has a simple interface and offers ease of use and reading. Unfortunately, it is not available on Windows 8 or Windows 10. You can get it on Windows 7 and some other older versions of the OS.

9. Freda

Freda eBook reader is for those who are looking for an easy to use and simple application to read eBooks. Freda is a good choice as it is lightweight and features a rather simple interface. Yet, it supports several formats including ePub, HTML, FB2, and more. Freda isn’t exactly a feature-rich tool but it does offer various customization options to make your reading experience more interesting. It is a completely free to download and use tool. Freda is currently available on Windows 8 and 10.

10. Bookviser

BookViser is also an excellent option to read ePub and other eBook formats on your Windows PC. Currently, it is supported only on Windows 8 and Windows 10. Bookviser makes eBook reading very easy. It may not have loads of features but it focuses a great deal on the reading experience and thus it is one of the best eBook readers to have. What’s more incredible is that it offers you access to a massive collection of free eBooks from various publishers. It also lets you import the eBook files saves on your hard drive. BookViser supports various formats including ePub, FB2, txt and more.

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