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iPhoto is one of the trademark apps from Apple, and that said, it is one of the most equipped photo viewers and editors. It carries forward the hallmark ingenuity of Apple as a brand for great quality and brilliant features. A part of Apple’s inbuilt great apps, iPhoto is something that catches the eye. iPhoto comes as a bundled in built component of Photos in Apple signature products such as iPads and iPhones. Getting iPhoto for PC is not at all a hassle, provided you have a Mac OS. It is however a bit tricky for Windows platforms.

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Why should Download iPhoto for PC ?

Before we discuss about the real deal, let’s have an insight into what really iPhoto puts on the table:

  • One of the smoothest interfaces ever – thanks to iOS
  • A simple yet cognitive environment for storing and accessing your precious memories.
  • Supports almost all the image formats- including the RAW format.
  • Offers easy editing features thus providing great user experience.
  • Instant sharing on iCloud and iMessage along with support for various platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.
  • Automatic grouping of photos as albums or timeline.
  • Auto face recognition – enables browsing through tagging a face/person.

Arguably one of the best photo viewers around, iPhoto provides a treat of an experience coupled with Apple’s genius which needs no explanation.

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How to download iPhoto for PC

So the big question now – Can we get iPhoto for PC. As mentioned before, it’s a cakewalk if you are proud owners of Mac OS. However, it is not the case for Windows. More specifically, there aren’t any means yet to have this gem onboard if you are a Microsoft compatriot. The only solution – try looking for best alternatives to iPhoto. Its quite a statement but there are some apps around that offer iPhoto a good competition. We have brought some of them for you here:

  • Photoscape X: Another good app, Photoscape is a very popular, mainly because of its Slick OS X like interface. It offers great features along with awesome filters and effects. Definitely worth checking out.
  • Picasa: Oh yes, this definitely tops the charts. Picasa is an app for Google and is one of the most widely used photo editors. It offers a huge set of features – from storing to grouping of photos, timeline, albums, collage, editing, filters, auto-enhance, etc just to name a few. And it doesn’t cost a dime. A must have app for all you enthusiasts.
  • Windows live Photo Gallery: An inbuilt app from Microsoft, it definitely stands up there as well equipped and smooth organisation of your favourite clinks and photos. An easy interface and functioning, worth considering while using Windows.

While many would love to get their hands on iPhoto for PC with Mac OS, it would not disappoint you to check out the above mentioned best alternatives to iPhoto for PC. After all, its good features and smooth user experience everyone looks for and that’s exactly what they offer. If not iPhoto, they are almost it!


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