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You may come across some websites claiming to have found the way to make FaceTime available on the Windows computers and even Android smartphones. However, the truth is that this incredible video calling app has been designed by Apple Inc. and is exclusive to the iOS users. Trying to download a ‘cracked’ version or replica on your computer may prove to be harmful. The executable (.exe) file may actually contain a virus, spyware, or malware. Therefore, do not be fooled by these websites and never try to download it on any device other than based on the iOS platform (that is Apple devices only.) While you may be disappointed by now that being a non iPhone user you cannot use FaceTime, there is something for you to cheer – there are some really good alternatives available for Facetime for PC.

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What exactly is FaceTime?

You can say that it is a leading video calling app featuring the user friendly interface and the most intuitive experience. Designed specifically for iOS, it allows the iPhone users to make video calls to each other. It was first introduced in 2010 and has become extremely popular since then. It is available for all the iOS firmware versions right now. Social media has become an indispensable part of our lives. Billions of people all over the globe are always looking for something new and innovative to stay connected with the family, friends, and loved ones. FaceTime is a great app to create and maintain the social connections. Apple Inc. is a giant brand in mobile technologies and computing. Apple’s iPhones are known for their incredible apps and FaceTime is one of them. FaceTime comes preinstalled with the iPhones.

Features of FaceTime

You must already be wondering what makes this video calling app so popular when there are so many such apps already available. Here are some great features of this Facetime app.

  • The quality of the audio of FaceTime PC version is way better than most of the other such apps.
  • The app features a mute button which allows you to mute the audio. This means that the user will be able to see you but not hear you.
  • FaceTime is extremely intuitive and very user friendly.
  • If you are not really in the mood to take the FaceTime calls, you can also stop the app for the desired period of time.
  • FaceTime is absolutely free and comes bundled with the iPhones.
  • The video quality of this app is also incredible. It supports HD videos as well.
  • While using this app, it feels like you are talking to the other user in person.

FaceTime is truly a great app is you are someone who loves to socialize and stay connected with others. All you need to do to use this app on your iPhone is either the Wi-Fi connection or 3G mobile data connection. There are absolutely no charges for calling but data is used.

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 facetime for pc-myapps4pc

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Some Alternatives of FaceTime for PC

Yes it is true that if you don’t have an iPhone you don’t have an iPhone. But fret not as you have other options. Google’s Android has flooded the markets with some incredible smartphones with amazing apps and stunning features. Here are some of the alternatives of FaceTime for PC for you.

  • Skype: Everyone knows Skype and almost everyone does Skype. So, if you don’t have an iPhone, use Skype as it offers cross platform functionalities. Whether you have a Mac or Windows computer or any smartphone, you can easily use Skype for high quality video calls. So, Skype is one of the best Alternatives of Facetime for PC.
  • Viber: Viber was first introduced as a text and audio messaging app. However, the creators realized that if they have to stay in the market they will need to add the video calling feature too. They did add the video calling and now Viber is one of the most widely used video calling app.
  • ooVoo: This app was a little late entrant in the video calling market but surprisingly it was able to create a huge user base in quite a small time. It is an open source code and the developers and designers from all over the world have worked hard to make it really good.
  • Google Hangouts: Although video calling feature of Google Hangouts is not really much popular, but it seems it will catch up soon like every other Google product. Try it out! Hangouts can be used while looking for Facetime for windows.

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