iMovie for PC : The Best Video Editor for Windows

Apple’s apps have always been launched to make the user’s life very easy and make them feel that they are very special for the developers. The apps are not only easy to use, but very useful too, so that the Android users want them desperately. But unfortunately, most of the iOS apps are not available for the android.

Now, the Android users have their own alternatives of the apps in Play Store, but the windows PC users also want these apps for them. One such app is iMovie and as the name suggests the app is used for the watching, editing or making the videos on iProducts.

Though, there is no possibility of using the iMovie for windows but there are few alternatives which can be used on  PC. So, here are some if you wish to use the same.

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Features of iMovie Player

There are some specific features, which make it different from others.

  1. The videos can be selected easily while editing or making movie clip. You can merge two or more clips using iMovie tool.
  2. If you want to cut a part of a video and want to merge in another video, then you can do very easily with this app without hassle.
  3. If you want to add animation effects and text animation in the videos, then iMovie Player would be a great choice.

 iMovie for iOS is available in the market through which you can edit videos on any apply products (iPhone, iPad and iPod), but iMovie for Windows is not available yet so we are sharing the best alternative of it here below.

IMovie for PC Alternative- Movavi Player

However, the iMovie does the very simple things like editing or making the video, but it does the work so perfectly that no other app can do. Now, if you ask me to choose an alternative to iMovie for PC, then I would suggest “Movavi media player”.

What’s Similar?

It could be defined as the closest cousin of the movie player as it also has all the tool’s functions and other options to make the experience better for you. It is available for the 7 day trial and during that time it’ll be totally functional, so you may get the complete idea of how the stuff works.

Features of  Movavi Media Player

Well, there’s a lots to talk about the Movavi media player and here below are some features of it. I hope you’ll like it.

  • The Movavi player allows you to do everything which you’re able to do in the iMovie like making picture-in-picture movies, simple capturing and digitizing, chroma-key effect and others.
  • Making the slide show of your own.
  • Enhancing the video qualities with the effects like matrix, denoise, brightness, contrast, split screen and zoom options as major and ample minor effects too.
  • Easy adding of music, titles, recording and other voice over effects.
  • You also have the options to crop, join, rotate, split and cut the videos with the clicks.
  • It also has the storyboards like imovie PC Version and a timeline for the better view of the screen.
  • You can also import and edit the 2D and  3D videos as well in any format like SD, HD and DVD.

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However, there are some download links of amazing video editors for windows, which will help you to be a perfect editor.

1. Movavi Video Editor – Download link

2. Magix Movie Edit Pro (Plus)- Download here

3. Corel VideoStudio Pro  —Download Here

4. Windows Movie Maker–Click Here

5. Light works – Click Here

Apart from the above feature, the Movavi has many other features too, which could give you the exact feeling of what you were supposed to do in the iMovie. It also can share your videos on the social networks like YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo as well. And, the only thing which differs it from the iMovie is the price details, which is US $ 40 for the Movavi and US $ 15 for the iMovie.

Overall, I think it’s good to give it a try if you’re looking for a iMovie for PC alternatives.

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