Download iMessage for Windows 10/8/7/XP

With our trendy smartphones in our hands, we are also always looking for the trendy and cool apps. Whether you want a news app, music app, or a messaging app, you want it to be the latest one. Messaging has been the mainstay of the phone usage ever since the inception of the mobile phones. However, messaging today has taken new forms and is not the same as it was before. There are tons of messaging apps available and making the choice could get a little difficult. But there are some apps which truly stand out, such as iMessage. This messaging app definitely has a lot of cool and trendy things to offer.

Some people love texting and they just can’t stop. If you are one of them, then you would definitely want to have this messaging app installed on your Windows or Mac computer. Developed by Apple Inc, this app can truly be an exciting add-on to your PC.

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iMessage For PC : A few Things to Know About iMessage


  • The person you want to chat with must also have iMessage installed either on your computer or iOS device.
  • iMessage is known to offer incredible speed and it is available for free. The data charges apply when you use this app. Therefore, if you have it on your PC, you can use it even more freely.
  • This messaging app allows you to send and receive multimedia message along with the text messages quite easily.
  • iMessage offers group chat making it easy for you to chat with multiple people at the same time.


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Can We Download iMessage for Windows 10/8/7/XP ?


Of course the app is not officially available for the Windows based computers since it has been created by Apple. However, there are ways to download iMessage for PC using the iPadian emulator.


Get iMessage on Windows PC via Emulator


  • You will first need to download the emulator called iPadian. Click on the link to download it on your computer –
  • Once you have downloaded this emulator, the look and feel of your computer will be pretty much like that of a Mac computer. In fact, a dock will also appear right at the bottom the way it appears in the Mac computers.
  • Once the installation is complete go to the search box and search for iMessage.
  • Now you will need to go to the app drawer of iPadian and locate iMessage. Now all you need to do is run the app and use it absolutely free of cost.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-


Q1 : What is iMessage?

Ans : iMessage is an instant messaging feature that has been built-in to iOS devices since the launch of iOS 5. Using this feature you can send and receive picture messages, text messages, videos and files to and from other iOS users.


Q2. Which devices support iMessage?

Ans : All the Apple devices running on iOS or Mac OS have this feature built in to them. This means you can use iMessage on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac computers.


Q3. Can I make video calls using iMessage?

Ans : iMessage allows you to initiate the video call but it does not have its own video calling functionality. Instead, it uses FaceTime to make the video calls to the other iOS or Mac OS users.


Q4. What is the difference between iMessage and SMS?

Ans : You can exchange SMS with any mobile user whether or not they are using an Apple device. On the other hand, iMessage is exclusive to the iOS and Mac OS users. SMS uses the carrier billing and thus you may be charged for sending and receiving messages depending upon your mobile service plan. But, iMessage uses the data to send and receive messages. You can be connected to mobile data network or Wi-Fi in order to use iMessage. SMS message usually has a character limit of 160, which when exceeded is billed as a new message. There is no character limit with iMessage.


Q5. Do I need to download iMessage separately?

Ans : iMessage is not really an app but a feature built in to the compatible devices. Therefore, you do not need to download it separately. However, if you wish, you can have it deactivated from Settings > Messages.


Q6. How do I know whether it is an iMessage or SMS?

Ans : iMessage and SMS are both received in the Messages app but you can easily tell the difference between the two. The chat bubble for the messages that you send to others using iMessage is Blue in colour. For SMS the colour is green.


Q7. What happens when I turn off iMessage?

 Ans :When iMessage is turned off all your messages are received as SMS. However, an iOS user sends an iMessage to you using your email address it will not be delivered to you.




Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds and it is surprising how there are workarounds for everything. Although iMessage app is not officially available for the Windows based computers, you can circumvent this barrier and use the emulator. It is not just the iMessage but there are many other Apple apps that you can easily download and run on your Windows based computers. If you are the only one among your friends who doesn’t have an iPhone and want to stay connected with them, this method will serve you fine.

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