Cow Evolution Clicker Game for PC (Windows 8/7/XP) -Free Download

Cow Evolution Clicker game is a quite interesting game accompanied by an amazing storyline. In this game, the uses are required to manage and control a cow farm. Moreover, you will have to evolve new cows on a regular basis by mixing two cows of the similar kind together. The users will experience and discover what happens to regular cattle when changes occur. Moreover, once you mix different cows together you will witness some strange and rare types of cows evolving which is the most interesting aspect of the game.

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cow evolution clicker game for pc-myapps4pc

You will enjoy the complete growth cycle of cows i.e. from baby cows to a completely matured and grown- up cows with big horns. The game features different types of cows such as alien cows, alpaca cows, giant cows and many more. In addition, the cow game comprises of four different stages and the users are given an option to choose from them. Your ultimate aim is to properly look after your cattle in order to prosper your farm. The addictive storyline of the game is quite indulging for the users which keep them busy in playing the game for long hours.

Features of Cow Evolution Game

Let us now have a look on some other exciting features of the game:

  • The game incorporates an easy and intuitive gameplay. In addition, the game incorporates easy controls that make it easy for the users to get used to the controls used in the game.
  • The vibrant graphics and astonishing animations used in the game makes it quite luring for the users.
  • The game features different types of cows such as alien cows, monster cows, alpaca cows and many more. Also, there are five possible endings in the game. So try out your luck.
  • The story or theme of the game is untold yet and the users have given it 4.5 ratings.
  • The perfect blend of background themes and sound effects makes the game even more interesting for the users.

cow evolution free download-myapps4pc

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How to Download Cow Evolution Clicker Game for PC

Cow Evolution Clicker has made its reputation in Play store and the storyline of the game is grabbing the attention of the users.

1. First download the Android Emulator. You can follow this tutorial too.

2. Once it downloaded, begin the installation and it may take some moments to be installed on the PC or mac.

3. Now go your desktop screen and look for the ‘Bluestacks’ icon then open it and type ‘Cow Evolution Clicker’ in search. Tap the enter button.

4. In search result you will see the game, click on download and wait for the installing to be done.

5. When It’s done, go to app in Bluestacks and find your game there. The tutorial is finished now and you can start playing Cow Evolution game on your PC or Mac.

I am sure all the kids are going to love this cow game. Now forget everything you know about the cows because here Cow Evolution game will change the thoughts of you. If you find this game some interesting and different from the other contemporary games, then leave your precious comments here.

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