How to Solve Common Macbook Problem

If you are a MacBook user, you either use it every once in a while or literally can’t live without it for a second, there’s no in-between. In case you fit into the second category, even a small problem with your MacBook Air can trigger you in the wrong direction within snaps. Because you love your Mac so much, even tiny issues can get you thinking a little too deep. In order to save you all of that worry, we have brought to you some of the most common MacBook Air problems and their easiest possible solutions. 

A noisy fan 

One of the main problems that can cause your MacBook to be roaring at you is running a little too many background apps. When the background apps reach a dangerous level, the hardware starts to struggle. 

You can do two things to solve the issue instantly, first try closing all of the background applications. If this doesn’t seem to fix the problem, clean up the dust in the reachable areas of the laptop. Also consider purchasing a cooling pad as it is very effective in cooling the hardware of your laptop. 

A noisy fan should definitely be fixed as soon as possible because the over heat can end up damaging the hardware if it persists for a long time. Apart from that, it is very distracting to work when your laptop has a full on rock party going on. 

OS update problems 

Getting into issues when installing and using the latest version of macOS is a pretty common thing. One of the best examples for this situation is the head-scratching thing with Monterey. The operating system for Monterey is usable but it is in beta form. For someone that’s made a recent shift to Monterey, having a few tiny problems with your computer is natural. We’re not going to talk more about Monterey here but you can check out to read the full answer.  

Slow browser 

The Internet is supposed to make things easier and faster which makes the problem with a slow internet browser a lot more frustrating. If you are someone that has recently discovered add-ons and extensions, we don’t blame you for going overboard. But, keep in mind that too many extensions and add-ons can make your browser slow. Clearing out a few extensions that you no longer find interesting should fix the problem. 

Some of the other basic things you can do is to limit the number of tabs and clear cache. If you’ve tried all of the above troubleshooting tips, the problem should definitely fade within a while. 

Microphone not responding  

When it comes to talking to people for school or work, or just socialising with family and friends, the microphone plays a crucial part and if that’s not responding, it is definitely one hell of a problem. 

First, check if you have given the particular app permission to access your microphone. If that’s given, check the sound input and output settings and see if the microphone is working. 

If the problem doesn’t yet fade, disable noise reduction, reset PRAM, try to bring the sound up with the help of any reliable third-party software. 

Bad internet connection 

With a MacBook Air in your hands, you will most likely depend on a wireless connection for doing almost everything with your device. In between any possible task, being struck with a bad internet connection is definitely not a good thing. If you seem to have a slow internet connection, contact your Internet Service Provider and find out whether everything is good on their side. 

Bring your laptop a little closer to the modem. If that doesn’t seem to work either, then connect your device through the ethernet cable, though you won’t be able to move around freely when connected to an ethernet cable, it does ensure a significantly better internet speed. 

FPS drops


All of the gamers out there probably know that Mac is not the best device for gaming but if you do end up doing a little bit of gaming on your Mac, FPS drops in video games is a pretty common issue. First, drop the in-game settings to the lowest level possible. If you find that the problem is still there, it may be because of a virus so consider carrying out a scan of the system with the help of any antivirus software. 

Blinking screen 

It is not a common problem but definitely one that gets us annoyed pretty quickly. Restarting the laptop once or twice to fix the problem is acceptable but doing it a little too many times is nerve wracking. The problem is usually caused when the macOS version and the graphic processing unit are not compatible with each other. 

If you seem to face this issue right after installing the latest OS version, consider switching back and using the present version. 

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