How to Download Google Hangout for Mac

Google has been the biggest competitor of the Apple since the time of evolution. Both the companies claim to offer the best service in the industry and the fact is very true, though in some cases the change the top position in-between them only. The new service, whose answer is not yet invented by the Apple is the Google Hangout and the rivals are using it without any issues.

However, the Google hangout hasn’t been much effective as the other IM service providers like Skype or iChat, but has changed the mindset about of people and now it is growing very effectively.

So if you ever like to try this hangout app, then here is how you can do that with some features of it, which will encourage you for downloading this app.

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Start or Join a Hangout

To start or join a Google Hangout on Mac is very simple and easy process. All you need to do this is just click on the hangout tool bar on the left side of your Google+ account. It will make your entry to the already going hangouts. Also, if you need to start a new hangout session, then only press the button mentioning the name ‘Start a Hangout’. Though, you may need to download the video and audio plug-in before doing that.

What does  it offer?

Google hangout offers many features on the on Mac and windows PC, and here is the list.

  • The interface is very effective and you can surely won’t regret your decision of the downloading it for the conversations.
  • You can have one-to-one or many-in-one conversations while using the Google hangout. And, the most effective part is the quality you get on this.
  • You can share photos, emojis and files over it to one or many people while using the Google Hangout for Mac. And yeah, you can browse your history of the hangouts as well.
  • You can also make a group to connect them at one go, so that you don’t feel the haste of connecting them again and again. You can also make a phone call just like skype too.
  • The best thing about the Google hangout is the that irrespective of the platform on which you and your friend is using the app like iPhone, iPad, Android, PC or others.
  • You can also go live and start a discussion session on the with million of people to share your thoughts and views.

Google Hangout -Free Download for Mac

Hey guys, If you want to know the procedure to run Google Hangout for Mac in your Internet browser, then follow below steps.

1. First of all, open any browser.

2. Write this URL in browser-

3. If you don’t have an account of Google plus, then go to login option of join Google Plus by picking for red option. You will see the blue button at the right corner option of the display. This step will help you to access to the Google.

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The above guideline will be useless if you browse in Google Chrome. If you want to do it directly, add Hangouts to your browser in your Chrome account from its web store, then extension work in the background of the Computer.

If you close the Chrome, still you will get messages to your inbox. The big disadvantage of the application is that you will stay online each time and battery life might be dead.

Use Chrome Extension for Hangout for Mac

It might be some irritating to follow above procedure so if you want to skip all the steps, then you can go for the Chrome extension to run Google hangout on your browser. You all need to make ‘Chrome account’ and need to visit this link to get Google Hangout Extension for your Mac.


Wrap up

I guess the above features are best in any of the currently available IM apps like Skype. However, the Apple users may not get used to it very quickly as they didn’t have the opportunity to use Google or Android apps on their iOS or Mac platform, but the thing is, the Google Hangout for Mac  or any other OS is very effective with maximum of features and ease of use.

I bet the most of Mac users will love to use that for their professional and personal use.

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