10 Best iTunes Alternatives to Manage Music without iTunes

There is absolutely no denying that iTunes is one awesome application that works perfectly as a device manager for iOS and doubles effectively as a media manager and player. But, the problem is that iTunes packs all in one. Due to this, it fails to provide the best on many counts. There is no wonder why the iOS users are sometimes looking for the iTunes alternative. So, we have put together this lest of 10 best iTunes alternatives for you.

1. Wondershare TunesGo 

If you don’t like iTunes or are bored of it, Wondershare could be the perfect alternative for you. This feature-rich application makes iTunes totally redundant. It is not just a media player; it is a complete device management package. You can connect your iOS device to this application and import and export just about every type of data you want. This means that you can also transfer data from your iOS to the computer. What’s more amazing is that you can sync your iTunes media library to any Android smartphone.  The free version on Windows is good enough for most users. If you need advanced features, you can buy the premium edition. But, if you need to use it on Mac, you can use it for free only in the trial version. You will need to pay after the trial period.

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 2. Ecoute iTunes Alternative

Ecoute could have easily been the best alternative to iTunes had it been available on the Windows. Not every iPhone user owns a Mac computer and unavailability on Windows could be a big drawback for many. In every other respect, it is a great device management program for iOS devices and is available on Mac computer. This application detects the iTunes library automatically. You also get the notification for the playback on the widget that stays on the top of the screen. The interface is quite different from the others. There are some elements on UI that can be seen only when you the display size is larger. You can connect this tool easily to Twitter, Facebook, and even Last.fm. You can also download the iOS version of this app and use it as the media player.

 3. MediaMonkey iTunes Alternative

MediaMonkey is also one of the viable alternatives to iTunes. It works more like a media management program that helps you bring all the media content, including videos and music, at one place. This tool also builds the playlists automatically, removes the duplicate entries, and based on your habits provides suggestions. This tool is available only on Windows. It has a free version with lots of features. Those, who are looking for additional features can buy the Gold version. MediaMonkey supports more media formats, including FLAC, than iTunes. This is why it has been the personal favourite of many Windows and iOS users.

4. Swinsian – Best itunes Alternative

Swinsian is another tool that is available only on Mac. Again, it is not a device management application. In fact, you can use it as iTunes replacement only for the media playback aspect. For everything else, you will either need to use iTunes or one of the other suitable tools on this list. Swinsian does back some cool and unique features. It supports AirPlay auto-detection and allows easy editing of Metadata/ID3 tag. The UI of this tool bears many similarities with iTunes and hence if you have been using iTunes you will feel familiar.

5. SynciOS iTunes Alternative

If you are looking for a tool that can completely replace iTunes as far as device management is concerned, SynciOS could be your first choice. Optimized to be fully functional with iPhone, iPad, and iPod, it does just about everything that iTunes can (and some things even better). It allows two-way media transfer, backs up the device data, easily syncs system information, back up ringtones, pictures, videos, and more. It also gives you a lot of handy details about the device connected to it. Unfortunately, the tool is available only on Windows. However, the good news is that it is totally free of cost.

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6. DoubleTwist -iTunes Alternative for iphone

doubleTwist is a versatile tool that works as a media manager and doubles as a device manager for iOS to a certain extent. This cross-platform tool is available on Windows, Mac, and Android. DoubleTwist has a free version with basic features apt for variety of users. For advanced features, you can buy the paid version. This tool syncs your media library easily over Wi-Fi. If you have an Android and Mac devices and you wish to sync the iTunes library easily, this tool could be pretty handy. DoubleTwist may not be a heavyweight, feature-rich app, but it is fuss-free and easy to use.

 7. Fidelia iTunes Alternative

Fidelia is a media player that can act a bit like the media manager as well. If you are looking for a device manager suite, you will need to find something else. Fidelia is available only on Mac OS and is designed for those who love to listen to music. The tool has been designed very professionally and the number of features its boats of easily justifies the price tag it comes with. The interface itself is very cool and if you are a music lover, you will find it extremely appealing. It supports a wide range of media formats including FLAC.

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8. PodTrans –Best itunes Alternative

Many experts call PodTrans a miniature of SynciOS. We agree that it is a little toned-down SynciOS but it does pack many features. Unlike SynciOS, which is only available on Windows, PodTrans is available on Mac as well. It can do a lot of things you would want any device manager to do. But, what’s really amazing is that it can connect to your iOS directly and transfer media back and forth without having to install iTunes.  This is the feature most device managers for iOS lack. What makes PodTrans even awesome is that it is totally free of cost.

9. Tomahawk 

One of the most noticeable things about Tomahawk is that it supports more platform than any other tools on this list. It is available on Windows, Mac, Android and Linux. It is an amazing media management suite for the iOS devices. It connects easily to a number of social media platforms as well including Last.fm, Spotify, SoundCloud, and more. This tool also scours the network and finds the music through various sources regardless whether it is there in your library or not. Tomahawk has a free version with plenty of features. If you want more, you can buy the premium version as well.

10. Vox iTunes Alternative

Vox can also replace iTunes, albeit partially, to become your only media player. Although it appears last on the list (perhaps because it is not a device manager), there is a good chance you will fall in love with every bit of it. It offers top-grade playback and easy connectivity with the top social-media platforms for music such as last.fm and SoundCloud. It also allows you to save music on the Cloud for just $4.99 a month.


iTunes is the most widely used device and media management tools for iOS devices. It is available on Windows and Mac platforms. While iTunes is good, it does lack many features. Also, being an all-in one package, it fails to offer exceptional quality on all fronts. It is difficult to pick the ‘best’ from the list above as it is mostly a matter of personal choice. It is you who can decide what is right for you based on your needs and preferences.

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