Best Game Recording Software for Windows PC (Free & Paid)

You may need to create game recording primarily for two purposes – for amusement or to create game tutorials for the others. Regardless your objective, you can make good use of some of the finest game recording software programs available in the market. While few of them are free, others are paid. We have compiled this list of the top 10 game recording software. It should help you make a choice. Take a look!

1. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

OBS is arguably best game recording software there is. It records high quality videos for free and this is one of the biggest reasons why it is so popular. It is an open-source game recording program and comes packed with loads of customizations. With OBS you can record high quality gaming videos and streaming them directly on popular video portals such as YouTube, Hitbox, Twitch and more. You can also save the recording on your computer hard drive for later use. The interface is extremely simple and with just few clicks you can begin the recording. The videos are saved in the FLV and MP4 formats. You can also create some top-notch video tutorials using this software. It is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

2. Action!

Action! isn’t free like OBS but it does offer some enhancements and additional features. Just like OBS, it also utilized the computer GPU to speed up the recordings and use less CPU resources. It allows you to record HD and 4K resolution gaming videos at very high frame rates. If you want, you can also add personal commentary to the recording. This application also provides remote access functionality that allows you to take control of the desktop from your Android phone. So, not only can you record the game play, you can also play the game on your Android.  You can also directly stream the videos over Hitbox, Livestream, YouTube, Ustream, and more. You can also save the videos on the hard drive in the MP4 or AVI formats. It also has a 10 minutes Time-Shift which saves the last 10 minute recording with the push of a button. The price starts at $29.95 and there is a free trial as well. It is currently available only on Windows platform.

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3. ShadowPlay

Designed by GeForce, ShadowPlay is a great choice for those who love to play games and record videos for tutorials or live streaming purposes. Like the many others in the list, this software also uses the GPU to lessen the load on your CPU. However, you must have at least GeForce GTX 600 to run this software. It has a Shadow mode that keeps the recording for last 20 minutes and deletes everything else. You just need to press a button and last 20 minutes will be recorded. With manual mode you can record as much as you want.  It records really high quality videos at a high speed. It is totally free of cost and available on Windows platform.

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4. XSplit Gamecaster

XSPlit is yet another great game-recording tool used by lots of gamers around the world. XSplit can record the videos to your PC or stream it over the popular video portals. But, many experts believe that it works best with streaming. There is no need to configure the app as it will detect the PC settings and set itself up accordingly all by itself. It offers GPU support to put less pressure on the CPU. You can start video recording with one quick press of button. It also has many features perfect for creating video tutorials. This simple and easy to use game recording software is available at a base price of $4.95. It also has a free version but with limited capabilities. It is compatible with Windows 7 and later versions.

5. Bandicam

Bandicam is a great game recording program designed for both beginners as well as advanced users. It is a paid tool and the price starts at $39 for a single license. There is a free trial as well for a limited time. Bandicam may not be as feature rich as the others in the list but it sure is a very useful program. It can record high quality videos in 4K Ultra resolution. If you are looking to live stream the videos, you will be disappointed as Bandicam does not support this feature. However, it has some really advanced recording functions. It also uses a compression technology that reduces the video file size considerably without compromising the quality. It is available on Windows platform.

6. Dxtory

Dxtory is a lightweight video game recording software that offers easy recording and plenty of features. It records high quality videos at the lossless quality. You can also add commentary to the videos to create tutorials. In order to put less pressure on the CPU, it uses the GPU to record the videos. Dxtory has a free version with all the features but the recorded videos are watermarked. The paid version without watermark is available for $32. It is available on Windows XP and later versions.

7. D3DGear

This is another lightweight game recording program that can record top quality game videos with incredible ease. It also uses a compression technology that cuts the file size down to a great extent. The compression happens in real-time allowing you to save videos even if the disk space is less. Utilizing the GPU acceleration, D3DGear spares the CPU resources to be used by the game. The recording can also be live streamed on the popular video services like YouTube. Free trial is available for 15 days and to use it further you can buy the $35.95 license.

8. WM Capture

WM capture is a screen recording tool which can also be used as a game recorder. Although it is not a dedicated game recorder, it can still do the job very well. It lets you record the video of the entire screen or a particular area on the screen. The recordings can be saved in various formats including AVI, MPEG and WMV. You can record the audio using the mic or the speaker. It also lets you choose the sound source.

9. Fraps

If you are looking for a very simple and easy to use game recorder without much fuss, Fraps could be your pick. It offers few features but it can do the recording job just fine. You can capture high quality, HD videos at up to 120 frames per second. It has a free version with limited capabilities. You can unlock all the features for $37.

10. Game Bar of Windows 10

There is good news for the Windows 10 users. You don’t need any game recording tool to record game play as Windows 10 has a native tool called Game Bar to do the job for you. It lets you record game progress in high quality without any hassles. It is simple and easy to use and works with all the games. It is built into Windows 10 and hence not available on any other platform or even any other version of Windows 10.


When it comes to game recording, choices are galore. Open Broadcaster Software and ShadowPlay standout as they are freeware and yet offer high quality. Those looking for advanced features and advanced grade recording tool can pick one of the other programs from the list.

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