Download Temple Run 2 for PC – Windows 8/7 or Mac

Hi buddies ! Are you looking for Temple Run 2 for PC – free download full version ?

Do you love that guy running from the monkey in a ruined temple and collecting the coins? Yeah, you’re absolutely right; we’re very much talking about the record breaking game Temple Run.

The game has crossed all levels of anticipation and become a drug for millions of users in the world. The 2nd version of the game, that is, Temple Run 2 also lived up to the expectations and enlarged the empire of its predecessor.

However, continuously playing it on your smartphone was creating some issues like fast battery drainage, frozen phone due to cached RAM and yeah, eye problems of course.

So, here below is the procedure of downloading the Temple Run 2 for computer, but first let’s see what does Temple Run 2 has for us.

Temple Run 2-myapps4pc

Features of Temple Run 2

The basic idea to keep the guy running as long as you can is still the very same, but with a few improvements and here are those.

  • Better Graphics and control.
  • More options to get extra life and continue the long run.
  • The occasional water is just awesome to feel.
  • More coins to collect to fast scoring.
  • Frequent boost ups like a magnet and superman run.

There are many more features of the Temple Run 2 which includes the more daily challenges and other competitions to keep you glued to your couch for hours until you mom shouts to get you up.

How to Download Temple Run 2 for PC or Mac

Temple Run 2 is a smartphone game by origin and can only be played on a platform similar to  smartphone OS. Don’t worry, we can easily get virtual android or iOS on your windows 7/8 PC or Mac, just follow the procedure.

  • Step 1 : Download and Install the Bluestacks app player on your windows 7/8 PC or Mac.

To download the Bluestack offline installer with one click, just click on Official Bluestacks Website.

  • Step 2 : Once installed, launch the app player by click on it.
  • Step 3 : Now, either browse the games category or type the game’s name in the search area.
  • Step 4 : Click on the app of the game once you find it to get it downloaded.
  • Step 5 : Now, install it as per the on-screen instructions.
  • Step 6 : Finally, click on the icon to launch the game and enjoy playing Temple Run 2 on your PC.

How to Play Temple Run 2 on Computers or Mac

If you’re a rookie and don’t know anything about the game, then here below are the steps to teach you.

  • Just focus on one thing that, the guy must run and don’t get caught by the monkey.
  • Keep collecting as much coins as you can, but avoid the unnecessary risk.
  • Try to get power up often.
  • Don’t fall into the water until it comes directly in front of you.
  • Keep completing the daily challenges to unlock the new boosters.

I guess, these are enough to keep you engaged in the game till you learn the controlling by practicing it.


Temple Run 2 is a very sticky game once you’ve started playing that out and if you’ve tried it out yet; then you must experience it at least once.

Well, I guess those who want to play it on their PC will definitely get their wish come true if they’ll follow the above procedure, which is tailor made for only to run Temple Run 2 on windows 7/8 PC or Mac.

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