Scholarship of $1500 for Science & Technology Students (July 2018)

An idea can change the world. The idea that has the potential to change the world must not go unrewarded. Do you love technology? Are you someone who is always up to date with what is new in the digital world? Do you think you have an idea that can revolutionize our world? We will not let any idea go unnoticed. We mean to recognize your talent and reward your idea.

July 2018 Scholarship Coming Soon


Introducing Our Scholarship Program

Every year, we come up with an exciting scholarship program in order to reward you. The best 5 ideas with the best plan will be given $1500 each. You need to write what is your idea all about; what would your idea do; how will it make things better for the user. One of you with the best write up will get the scholarship.

The rules 

  • Your write up must be at least 1,500 words long; it should not be more than 3000 words long
  • Your write up will be judged on the uniqueness of the idea, how creatively you have pitched it, the quality of the write up, and the grammar
  • The last day for submission is 10th July, before midnight. The results will be announced within a few days and the money will be given in the last week of July.
  • We picked the judges who themselves are writers, experienced bloggers, and the experts in technology
  • The judges will make the final decision which will be uncontested
  • In the event of a tie, there will be equal distribution of the prize money between the winners
  • We will retain the copyright to your submission. However, the idea will still be yours and you can materialize it further.


You can mail us at


Scholarship Form